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Nylon RCA Cord

Available in 4 colors and made from strong nylon.

Magneto Power Cord System
Magneto Power Cord System Model#: TMPC-MAGNETO-CORD

Easy connect your machine with a safe and sturdy magnetic connection.

$5.99 - $9.99
Dot Box System
Dot Box System Model#: DOTBOX-BLK

This system give you better control when doing dot work. The dot box intermittent power output can be adjusted to match your hand speed with 6 different speeds.

Magic Dot Box
Magic Dot Box Model#: DOTBOX-MAGIC

Allows your coil, pens, & rotary machine to be put into dot work mode. Push on the knob to set them back to standard mode.

$49.99 在庫あり
Unbreakable RCA Cord

Made with high impact fishing line and connection heads are injection molded together.

$20.00 在庫あり
RCA Machine Cord by T2 (7.5 Feet)
RCA Machine Cord by T2 (7.5 Feet) Model#: T2-PC-PHONO-RCA

Quality RCA Cord by T2

$30.00 在庫あり
SnakeKing RCA System

The 1st retractable RCA cord system.

$40.00 在庫あり
DC Machine Cord
DC Machine Cord Model#: PC-PHONO-DC

Fit all machine with a DC connection. This cord will fit our Rogue Pens, Stealth Cartridge machine + More.

$10.00 在庫あり
RCA Machine Power Cord
RCA Machine Power Cord Model#: TMRCA

RCA Power Connector Cord. Works with all machine set up for RCA connection.

$10.00 在庫あり
RCA Cord by Big Wasp
RCA Cord by Big Wasp Model#: PCH-PHONO-RCA-2.0

High intensity anti-corrosion cable sleeves.

Fusion Adpater RCA to Clip Cord System
Fusion Adpater RCA to Clip Cord System Model#: TMPC-FUSION-HEAD

Convert your RCA into a Clip Cord connection with a fusion adapter.

$10.00 - $18.00
Phono Plug Splitter
Phono Plug Splitter Model#: PHONO-SPLITTER

Connect 2 machine to your power supply when there is only 1 phono plug connection. Then easily switch between machines with a switch.

RCAコンバーターセット Model#: RCA-CON

Convert your existing tattoo machine clip cord input to a RCA input with this attachment.

$5.00 - $15.00

RCA & DC Cords

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