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Dot Box System
Dot Box System Model#: DOTBOX-BLK

This system give you better control when doing dot work. The dot box intermittent power output can be adjusted to match your hand speed with 6 different speeds.

Unbreakable RCA Cord

Made with high impact fishing line and connection heads are injection molded together.

RCA Machine Cord by T2 (7.5 Feet)
RCA Machine Cord by T2 (7.5 Feet) Model#: T2-PC-PHONO-RCA

Quality RCA Cord by T2

$30.00 在庫あり
SnakeKing RCA System

The 1st retractable RCA cord system.

$40.00 在庫あり
DC Machine Cord
DC Machine Cord Model#: PC-PHONO-DC

Fit all machine with a DC connection. This cord will fit our Rogue Pens, Stealth Cartridge machine + More.

$10.00 在庫あり
RCA Machine Power Cord
RCA Machine Power Cord Model#: TMRCA

RCA Power Connector Cord. Works with all machine set up for RCA connection.

$10.00 在庫あり
RCA Cord by Big Wasp
RCA Cord by Big Wasp Model#: PCH-PHONO-RCA-2.0

High intensity anti-corrosion cable sleeves.

Right Angled Premium RCA Cord
Right Angled Premium RCA Cord Model#: TMPC-ANGLED-BLACK

Right angle cords reduces the chance of your cord pop off your machine & uses a premium soft silicon wire.

Fusion Adpater RCA to Clip Cord System
Fusion Adpater RCA to Clip Cord System Model#: TMPC-FUSION-HEAD

Convert your RCA into a Clip Cord connection with a fusion adapter.

$10.00 - $18.00
Hummingbird RCA Cord

Made with quality flexible flat copper wiring. Available in 5 colors.

Sabre Straight RCA Cords
Sabre Straight RCA Cords Model#: SABRECABLE-MAGENTA

Made from silver plated copper wire coated in a highly flexible 1.7mm PVC/Neoprene sleeve. Shockproof, heat proof and has a high tensile strength

$50.00 在庫あり
Phono Plug Splitter
Phono Plug Splitter Model#: PHONO-SPLITTER

Connect 2 machine to your power supply when there is only 1 phono plug connection. Then easily switch between machines with a switch.

$10.00 在庫あり
RCAコンバーターセット Model#: RCA-CON

Convert your existing tattoo machine clip cord input to a RCA input with this attachment.

$5.00 - $15.00

RCA & DC Cords

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