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Blaq Paq Commuter (Big Sleeps)
Blaq Paq Commuter (Big Sleeps) Model#: BLAQPAQ-COMMUTER-BS

Sullen Blaq Paq Commuter BIG SLEEPS Edition.

$79.99 在庫あり
Sullen Prime Backpack
Sullen Prime Backpack Model#: BLAQPAQ-PRIME

The Prime Blaq Paq by Sullen

$150.00 22 在庫あり
Blaq Paq Tactical
Blaq Paq Tactical Model#: TATTOO-TACTICAL

This Blaq Tactical Paq is a tattooers dream. Built for maximum comfort with so many pockets, there is a space for anything you'd need

Blaq Paq Drone

The Drone Blaq Paq in color Black.

Blaq Paq Traveler Luggage
Blaq Paq Traveler Luggage Model#: TATTOO-LUGGAGE

The wait is over for the newest Sullen Travel Luggage!! Two years in development working with tattoo artists to produce this Luggage Bag

Blaq Paq Globe Edition
Blaq Paq Globe Edition Model#: TATTOO-BLAQPAQ-GLOBE

Men's Travel Back Pack for ALL your Tattoo Equipment. Currently available in the Globe Edition (Black/Grey)


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