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Power Link
Power Link Model#: POWERLINK-RCA

Now Available in LED Model. This Lithium Battery pack can connect to any RCA or DC Rotary Machine or Pen.

Trillium Power (Digital)
Trillium Power (Digital) Model#: POWERLINK-TR-RCA

The newest digital version power pack we have.

Illusionist Battery (Digital)
Illusionist Battery (Digital) Model#: POWERLINK-L1-RCA

The Illusionist Tattoo Battery Pack

Enzoバッテリー&ペダルシステム Model#: ENZO-BATTERY-CH


Stealth Universal Battery Pack
Stealth Universal Battery Pack Model#: STEALTH-BATTERY-B

タトゥーアーティストにとって、電源の信頼性と精密なコントロールは最も重要です。Stealth Universal Battery Packはこれらのニーズを見事に満たしています。このエキスパートレビューでは、このデバイスの主要な特徴と利点について詳しく見ていきます。

AVA W10 Battery
AVA W10 Battery Model#: W10-LUX-KIT-BLACK

Includes 2 rechargeable battery and available in 3 colors.

Radical Defy Battery
Radical Defy Battery Model#: RADICAL-DEFY-BATTERY

Radical Tattoo Supplyからの最新の革新 - RCA接続を備えた最先端のバッテリーパック。このパッケージには、1050mAhのバッテリー2個と専用の充電ドックが付属しており、あなたの刺青の作業をシームレスで効率的に保ちます。

$99.99 在庫あり
Bishop x Critical Battery Packs
Bishop x Critical Battery Packs Model#: BISHOP-WAND-BATTERY-SHORTY

These battery packs are made to be used with the RCA Power WAND, if you’ve purchased that machine separately. (Note: These battery packs can ONLY be used with the new Power WAND. It will NOT work with your Original Wand.)

$239.99 - $259.99
Critical Universal Battery
Critical Universal Battery Model#: CT-UNIV-BAT-3.5MM

Turn your favorite rotary or pen machine into a wireless powerhouse with the Critical Universal Battery

$59.99 - $539.99
Critical Connect Battery
Critical Connect Battery Model#: CT-CONT-SHORTY-RCA

The Critical Connect Universal Battery utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 and Critical Core technology - created for consistent power and extreme accuracy. Experience ultimate power, freedom, and versatility.

$59.99 - $649.99
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt Model#: FK-LIGHTNING-B

LightningBolt UNI Battery Pack by FK Irons

$299.95 1 在庫あり
iPower Watch Power Supply
iPower Watch Power Supply Model#: IPOWER-WATCH-BLACK

Connects to your wrist and power any machine including the Cheyenne.

$7.50 - $79.99

Wireless Power Supplies

Power Supplies: