Nuto Curved Magnum Cartridges

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Product - Nuto Curved Magnum Cartridge Needles
Needle Size - Standard #12 Needle Gauge/Diameter
Brand - Nuto®
Sterilized - Yes
Box - 20pcs Cartridges

What are Nuto® Magnetic cartridge needles? Most cartridges use a spring, or rubber band to bring back needle into idle position . When you machine pushes the needle out this cause resistance/stress on your machine due to the spring or rubber band. This is why some cartridges require a stronger machine at a higher voltage.

With the Nuto Cartridge there is no spring or rubber band. The bottom of the cartridge and top of the loop bar have a small magnet that connects them together. So your needle can follow the smooth rotation of your machine. With this free flow design you machine can move faster and smoother at a lower voltage.

Try our 20pcs Sample Pack, it includes: 4pcs of each: 3 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner, 5 Round Shader, 7 Mangum, & 9 Magnum.

NOTICE - These cartridges are Not Compatible with Cheyenne Pens, & Motors. These cartridge needles require you to use our Magnet Loop Bars. So any machine that can use a loop bar need with work. Just make sure to purchase some magnet loop bars if you don't have any. Please note that these cartridges work best on Rotary and not recommended for Coil Machines. The loop bars come in 3 lengths: 82mm, 85mm, & 91mm.