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Power Supply Adapater
Power Supply Adapater Model#: CHEY-ADAPTER

Allows you to use any power supply to power up your Cheyenne Motor or Pen. No more big bulky Start Up Cord.

$15.00 在庫あり
Cheyenne Machine Cord
Cheyenne Machine Cord Model#: CH-MACHINECORD

Replacement machine cord

$15.00 在庫あり
Cheyenne Power Supply Cord
Cheyenne Power Supply Cord Model#: CH-POWERCORD

Replacement power supply cord

$16.50 在庫あり
Start Up Facility Power Cord
Start Up Facility Power Cord Model#: CH-STARTUPCORD

For people that want to use the Cheyenne Machine while using a Non-Cheyenne power supply unit.

$40.00 在庫あり

Cables & Cords

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