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Derma Numb Anesthetic Soap
Derma Numb Anesthetic Soap Model#: DERMANUMB-SOAP

Derma Numb Antibacterial Tattoo Anesthetic Soap

$15.00 在庫あり
Derma Numb Kit
Derma Numb Kit Model#: DERMA-NUMBKIT

This set offer numbing ointment for the Unbroken Skin (before the you start) & Broken Skin (during the tattoo). Giving you the total numbing power during the whole tattoo. Made in the U.S.A. and FDA Approved

$29.99 在庫あり
Derma Numb Gel
Derma Numb Gel Model#: DERMANUMB-GEL-2OZ

Phase 1 of 2: Used on unbroken skin. Contains 4% Lidocaine, apply 1 hour before the tattoo. Available in 2oz bottle.

$24.99 - $150.00
Derma Numb Spray
Derma Numb Spray Model#: DERMA-NUMB-1OZ

Phase 2 of 2: Used on broken skin during the tattoo. FDA Approved numbing anesthetic. 4% Lidocaine and take effect within 90 seconds. Available in 1oz & 4oz spray.

$10.00 - $90.00

Derma Numb