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BRUTAL Iron Tattoo Machine
BRUTAL Iron Tattoo Machine Model#: TMW-BRUTAL (Copper)

Available in: Copper and Bronze finish. Machine weighs 8.3-oz.

Cyclone 360 + Pedal + Cord Combo
Cyclone 360 + Pedal + Cord Combo Model#: CYCLONE-COMBO1

Our classic Cyclone 360 10 turn digital power supply & available in 6 different packages.

$45.00 - $63.75
Disposable Pen Grip Kit
Disposable Pen Grip Kit Model#: AVA-DISP PEN GRIP KIT

The Disposable Cartridge Pen Grips Kit features a high-performance Japanese motor and fully disposable grips, ensuring top-tier hygiene and efficiency for tattoo professionals. Designed for compatibility with standard cartridge needles, it supports a wide range of tattooing techniques for both lining and shading. The kit includes a durable motor and nine disposable grips, with an additional ten-grip pack available for extended use. This setup offers artists the convenience of easy grip replacement, maintaining cleanliness without sacrificing quality or versatility.

$25.00 List Price:$80.00 You Save: $55.00 (69%) In Stock
Pure Pen

Available in 4 colors, and utilizes our new quick switch magnetic needle cartridge system.

$15.00 - $75.00
72 Hour Shipping Warmer
72 Hour Shipping Warmer Model#: SHIPPING-WARMER

Keep your inks from FREEZING up to 72 hours.

$3.50 In Stock
Allure & Pure Kit
Allure & Pure Kit Model#: PM-BLISS PEN SET

This kit includes the Allure power supply, Pure Pen & 10 magnetic cartridges. The Allure is the first of its kind to offer a touch less system.

$300.00 List Price:$600.00 You Save: $300.00 (50%) In Stock
Trillium Wireless Pen
Trillium Wireless Pen Model#: TRILLIUM-PEN

The Trillium Wireless Tattoo Pen with Digital Display Control offers up to 8 hours of continuous use with a quick 2-hour charge. Its built-in digital display allows for easy monitoring of battery life and voltage, ensuring optimal performance. The pen provides a range of grip options in aluminum and rubber to suit any preference, all within a lightweight aircraft aluminum construction for durability. The package comes complete with multiple grips, an RCA power cord, and a charging cable.

$249.99 Out Of Stock
Hover Power Supply
Hover Power Supply Model#: PS-HOVER

The Hover power supply by KF Irons. Control your power supply with hand gestures. No more cross contamination.

$449.95 In Stock
Seraphic PMU Wireless Pen
Seraphic PMU Wireless Pen Model#: BRONCPMUPEN-BROWN

Bronc Seraphic Wireless Pen For PMU & Tattoo

Critical Torque Pen
Critical Torque Pen Model#: CT-TOR-PEN3.5

The Critical Torque Wireless (Pen Alone) . This Pen utilizes the industry’s 1st Precision Strike Technology to promote a smoother, faster, and more efficient tattooing experience.

Bronc Wireless Tattoo Pen
Bronc Wireless Tattoo Pen Model#: BRONC-PEN-BLUE

The Bronc Wireless Tattoo Pen blends wireless convenience with superior functionality for artists. With its aircraft-grade aluminum construction, it's both durable and lightweight. A standout feature is the adjustable 3.5mm stroke, powered by a Swiss motor, ensuring high performance across a 4.0 to 11 volts range. This pen is complemented by two 2000mAh Li-Ion batteries, guaranteeing up to 8 hours of usage with a quick 2.5-hour recharge. Available in three colors, the pen includes essential accessories and a 1-year Bronc warranty.

Miceya PMU Wireless Pen
Miceya PMU Wireless Pen Model#: MICEYAPMU-PURPE

Bronc Miceya Wireless Pen For PMU & Tattoo

UNI-A Wireless Pen
UNI-A Wireless Pen Model#: AVA-UNI-A-GREY

The UNI-A Mini Wireless Pen 4.2mm. The newest breakthrough from Ava, featuring two rechargeable batteries. This design allows for seamless switching between batteries, ensuring no interruption in usage.

Hornet Pen
Hornet Pen Model#: HORNET-PEN-GREEN

The Hornet is powerful, lightweight and compact

$39.99 List Price:$69.99 You Save: $30.00 (43%)
Hawk Motor (10-Year Edition)
Hawk Motor (10-Year Edition) Model#: CH-HAWK-BLACK

The Hawk Motor (10-Year Edition) by Cheyenne revitalizes the legendary Hawk tattoo machine, integrating enhanced features for contemporary tattooing demands. Maintaining the iconic design and versatility, this Special Edition introduces a new motor and a protected jack connector for increased power and longevity. Designed to be compatible with Cheyenne and standard power supplies, it offers a nod to the Hawk's legacy with modernized capabilities. Available in Matte Black, it comes with a 1-inch matte black grip and connector cords, presented in a special collector's box, highlighting its status as a collectible. Engineered for flexible operation across all tattoo styles, its ergonomic design ensures precise performance, smooth needle movement, and comfortable handling for an elevated tattooing experience.

Radical Wireless Pedal
Radical Wireless Pedal Model#: RADICAL-PEDAL-BR

Available in Copper and Bronze colors, this foot pedal is revolutionizing the way you power up your tattoo machine. No more tangled cords! With its extended range of 10+ feet, you can have all the flexibility you need.

$67.50 - $89.99
Stencil Printer Ink
Stencil Printer Ink Model#: STENCIL-INK

With this special blend of ink, you can easily print your stencil design on a Inkjet Printer.

$44.99 List Price:$59.99 You Save: $15.00 (25%) In Stock
Radical 2.0 Power Supply
Radical 2.0 Power Supply Model#: RADICAL-POWER-2

The Radical Version 2 Power Supply revolutionizes tattoo equipment with its sleek, modern design and smart functionality. With dimensions that prioritize compactness and a high-tech touch screen for easy operation, this power supply enhances any tattooing setup. It offers features like Dot Box Mode for simple settings adjustments, Jump Start for Cheyenne compatibility, and customizable voltage from 4 to 18 volts with memory for 8 presets. Designed for convenience, it supports dual machine connections and multiple foot pedal modes, all within a lightweight, space-saving build. Included in the package are the power unit, wall adapter, and adapter cables, backed by a 1-year warranty.

$199.99 List Price:$250.00 You Save: $50.01 (20%) In Stock
Sol Nova Unlimited
Sol Nova Unlimited Model#: CH-SOLNOVA3.5-UNLIMITED

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is Cheyenne's first wireless tattoo pen with its cordless design. It features adjustable stroke lengths of 3.5mm, 4mm, and 5mm with two batteries included, each supporting over 5 hours of operation and requiring only 3 hours for a full recharge. The pen's innovative control system uses a single button and motion control for easy frequency adjustments, offering a bandwidth of 25 to 140 Hz. It boasts two modes: Steady Mode for consistent power and hard hits, and Responsive Mode for adaptability to the tattooed surface. This durable, easy-to-clean pen comes with two batteries, a connection cable, a pen tray, and a manual.

$999.00 Out Of Stock
Inkjecta Eclipse (Blackout)
Inkjecta Eclipse (Blackout) Model#: INKJECTA-ECLIPSE-B

Limited Edition Blackout Eclipse Rotary Tattoo Machine by InkJecta

$616.25 List Price:$724.99 You Save: $108.74 (15%) In Stock
Sol Nova Unlimited
Sol Nova Unlimited Model#: CH-SOLNOVA3.5-UNLIMITED

The Sol Nova Unlimited by Cheyenne. Available in 3.5mm, & 5mm swing.

Starbrite Top Seller Set
Starbrite Top Seller Set Model#: SB-10SET1

Starbrites top selling and most popular 10 colors.

$123.50 In Stock
DEATHWISH Iron Tattoo Machine

Available in: Copper and Bronze finish. Machine weighs 7.9-oz.

Cyclone 2 + Pedal + Cord Combo
Cyclone 2 + Pedal + Cord Combo Model#: CYCLONE2-COMBO1

The Cyclone 2 is an amazing digital power supply. & available in 6 different packages.

$95.00 - $113.75
Cheyenne Thunder Motor
Cheyenne Thunder Motor Model#: CH-THUNDER (BLACK)

The Cheyenne Thunder Motor is tailored for both lining and shading with a motor speed of up to 10,200 RPMs. Constructed from durable hard plastic, it remains lightweight at just 3 oz. It is compatible exclusively with Cheyenne Hawk Needle Cartridges, accommodating over 33 cartridge types. With an extended stroke of 4mm for optimal power use, the Thunder Motor is designed for smooth operation and quick cartridge changes, featuring a new, stronger motor for enhanced efficiency.

$309.00 In Stock
Duke Wireless Pen
Duke Wireless Pen Model#: K3-PEN-BLACK

Duke Wireless Pen Tattoo Pen by AVA

Bishop V6 Rotary
Bishop V6 Rotary Model#: BISHOP-RCAV6-3.5-G

FREE 2 Day Shipping (limited time offer). The V6 Rotary Machine by Bishop. Available in RCA or Clip Cord connection.

Radical Lux Pen
Radical Lux Pen Model#: RADICALLUXPEN-D-GOLD

The Radical Lux Pen introduces dual adjustment wheels for needle protrusion and hardness, streamlining setup without disassembly. It includes four grips and a wireless power pack, ensuring up to 5 hours of operation. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, the pen offers various motor options to accommodate different operational voltages and speeds. This device is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, emphasizing its reliability and performance in professional tattooing.

$200.00 Out Of Stock
Scream Ink 30-Pack Set
Scream Ink 30-Pack Set Model#: SI-30SET05

The most popular 30 colors in the scream ink line. Inks are all mixable to make any color.

$49.20 - $72.00
FREAK SHOW Tattoo Machine 8-Wrap
FREAK SHOW Tattoo Machine 8-Wrap Model#: TMW-FREAKSHOW (Copper Finish)

Available in: Copper and Bronze finish. Machine weighs 7.9-oz.

$15.00 - $79.99

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