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HEATHEN Series Model#: TMVC-H-S

2nd best of our VC Series Collection. Designed & built by awarding winning artist Vincent from Taiwan.

Tattoo Ink Shaker
Tattoo Ink Shaker Model#: TA-SHAKER

Tired of shaking your inks that settle over time. With this electronic ink shaker, you just set it and forget it.

$29.99 在庫あり
初心者向けタトゥーキット2  Model#: Starter Kit 2

タトゥーマシン3台初心者向けタトゥーキット2 セール$100 NEW 3 Tattoo Machine Starter Tattoo Kit #2 SALE $100

$100.00 - $110.00
Pro Cup Single
Pro Cup Single Model#: PRO-CUP

Pro Cups the world's finest instrument to clean, blend, dry, or dilute ink in seconds while tattooing.

$2.50 - $57.50
ステンシルファックス熱転写マシン Model#: STENCILFAX

The smallest and lightest tattoo Stencil Machine. Watch our Demo Video!!

Tat Tech Armrest Pro
Tat Tech Armrest Pro Model#: ARMREST-3

Tat Tech Professional Armrest and made especially for daily use tattoo artist. Includes a Kit to add your own graphics.

$150.00 在庫あり
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Copper
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Copper Model#: TMFS-MINI-COP

This foot pedal stand no higher then 0.25" inch.

$20.00 在庫あり
Multi Adjustable Armrest
Multi Adjustable Armrest Model#: ARMREST-5

This Armrest offers multiple positions and height positions.

$90.00 在庫あり
FOSSIL 10ml Jar

NEW Microblading permanent make up ink by Bliss. Available in 19 colors.

$30.00 在庫あり
Atom X Power Supply
Atom X Power Supply Model#: CT-ATOM-X-BLACK

The digital version of the popular Atom. Compatible with all coil and rotary machines. Jump start enabled for hard starting rotaries. Mountable to any metal surface.

Spektra Direkt 2 (Black)
Spektra Direkt 2 (Black) Model#: DIREKT2-BLACK

FK Irons 2nd edition to the Spektra Direkt Series and is the best yet in direct drive crossover tattoo machines. Can be used with cartridge & loop bar needles.

$499.95 在庫あり
Radical Power Supply
Radical Power Supply Model#: RADICAL-POWER1.0

The first of its kind, a power supply that can be controlled with hand motions. This power supply also has an option for a Bluetooth foot pedal.

$75.00 - $499.99
BigFoot Tattoo Foot Pedal
BigFoot Tattoo Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-WWT

This huge pedal has a diameter of 4.5" inches and stands 1.25" inch tall.

$50.00 在庫あり
The Art of the Character Vol 2
The Art of the Character Vol 2 Model#: BOOK-ARTCHARACTER#2

The Art of the Character Vol 2 by Calo. Variety of charcter & light studies.

$29.99 List Price:$50.00 You Save: $20.01 (40%) 在庫あり
Round Liner Textured
Round Liner Textured Model#: BC1401RL-T

Your trusted Beyond® needles are now available in a Textured Round Liner.

$5.00 List Price:$15.99 You Save: $10.99 (69%)
Medium Skintone
Medium Skintone Model#: SB-MS1OZ

Available in 1-oz

$10.25 在庫あり
Round Shader Textured
Round Shader Textured Model#: BC1205RS-T

Your trusted Beyond® needles are now available in a Textured Round Shader.

$5.00 List Price:$15.99 You Save: $10.99 (69%)
Magnum Shader Textured
Magnum Shader Textured Model#: BC1205M1-T

Your trusted Beyond® needles are now in Textured Weaved Magnum Needles.

$5.00 List Price:$15.99 You Save: $10.99 (69%)
LED Headlamp

This headlamp has 3 settings, can be angled up to 45 degree. It also has a sensing mode which require not touching.

$15.00 List Price:$20.00 You Save: $5.00 (25%) 在庫あり
Cyclone Tilt
Cyclone Tilt Model#: CYCLONE-TILT

The new addition to our Cyclone Series. The Cyclone TILT has a lot of new features as a table top power supply.

$125.00 在庫あり
Sabre Vault Power Supply
Sabre Vault Power Supply Model#: SABRE-VAULT-RED

This power supplies utilizes switch mode technology, BioCote® antimicrobial technology. Available in 7 Colors. Designed & manufactured in the UK.

Blue Power with Speakers
Blue Power with Speakers Model#: PS-BLUEPOWER

This is one the first power supplies with built in speakers that can connect to your phone by Bluetooth.

$125.00 List Price:$150.00 You Save: $25.00 (17%) 在庫あり