Biodegradable Bibs
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Biodegradable Bibs

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100% Eco-Friendly Disposable Dental Bibs - For eco-conscious dentists who care about our planet’s future, we created the most environmentally-loving tray table covers to keep their patients dry & clean during procedures, without harming ecosystems.

Honest, Micro % Plastic made of Corn Starch, Biodegradable, Compostable – Unlike plastic covers that end up in landfill, damage the oceans & need 450 years to decompose, the innovative aba biodegradable disposable bibs are natural,

Highly-absorbent, Leak-proof, Waterproof – While many disposable bibs for adults tear easily, are too thin/small/not absorbent enough, aba high-quality 3-layer tissue bibs provide a quick, efficient, solid barrier for the heaviest fluid exposures.

Multipurpose Dentist Bibs – Tattoo Parlors & Nail Salons use them as lap cloth, manicure table cover, nail towels or tattoo disposable sheets to maintain hygiene.

Perfect Protection for Feeding & Clean Dining - Seafood restaurants, weddings, senior caregivers, lobster parties, crawfish fests LOVE disposable dental sheets. The best affordable spill-resistant way to avoid oil/grease messes & cut cleanup time.