Bird & Feather Tattoo Design Book
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Bird & Feather Tattoo Design Book

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223 designs in all your favourite styles.
We’ve got feathers that turn into flocks of birds, angel feathers, feathers with lettering, robins, doves, sparrows, crows, swans, peacocks, flamingos, humming birds, roosters, swallows, seagulls, bird cages, dream catchers, quills and inkstands and much more.
It is one of the hottest tattoo designs around: a large feather that at the tip, turns into a flock of birds.
A highly effective surreal vision which is mainly interpreted in realistic style but there are several other great versions. Find them in this collection of designs!

Are you looking for other designs on the theme?
There are peacock feathers, feathers with lucky scripts, dream catchers, angel feathers, feathers of freedom inspired by Native Americans.