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Enzo Pen V3

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The Enzo V3 Pen is a upgrade from its predecessor. With some minor body changes for a smoother look and feel. Its main upgrade it the bigger more powerful high performance Japanese Motor being used. The improved motor offers a higher RPM of 10,000. It also has the power to push larger needles or even stiffer cartridges.

The Enzo pen has a large 1"inch grip and shorter size body. This make the pen easy to use and great balance and handling. This pen has a 3.5mm stroke and is fully adjustable. Great for lining and shading. This machine is powerful enough to handle any needles size. From 3 Liners to even 27 Magnums this machine can handle any needle type. Works with all standard cartridges. Includes an RCA Cord as well.

Brand: Enzo Version 3
Pen Height: 3.5" inch tall
Grip Width: 1" inch wide
Pen Weight: 3.9 oz
Operating Voltage: 5 – 10V
Cartridge Comparability: Works with all standard cartridges. (excluding Nuto cartridges)
Needle Stroke: 3.5mm stroke
Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.5 mm fully adjustable
Connection: Premium RCA cord connection (Included)
Motor: Japanese high performance motor (10,000 RPM)
Warranty: 3-month warranty.