Hurricane HP3 Smart Touch
  • Hurricane HP3 Smart Touch
  • Whole Set Up
  • Power Unit
  • Front Plate
  • Wires

Hurricane HP3 Smart Touch

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Hurricane HP3 Smart Touch Power Supply + Work Station

This new power supply has no buttons or knobs. The HP3 incorporates a Smart Touch system which is like a touch screen.

Items included: Power Supply, Separate Mount, Mini Workstation, Power Pack, RCA Power Cord, & 2 Screen Protector.

This item also includes a Mini Portable Work Station. This workstation is multi-functional and can hold your Inks, Ink Cup, Wash Bottle, and More.

Qty-2 Machine holders
Qty-11 Spots for your Ink
Qty-19 Spots for Ink Cups
Qty-1 Large Spot for anything