Kamon Power Supply
  • Kamon Power Supply
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Kamon Power Supply

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The Kamon Power Unit allow you to run 2 machines at the same time. Each machine attached can have up to 3 preset voltage. You can change it at anytime to just 1/1 or 2/2 or 3/3.

The full digital display voltages can change to these following colors: Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green, Sky Blue, & Blue.

This power unit has time and date as well as a stop watch. You also have different options for your foot pedal. You can change your pedal style to switch momentary or continuous mode. It also has a jump start mode for people using Cheyenne which needs a boost in the beginning to get it running.

Magnetic Mount also include which allows you to connect to any medal surface. The back of the power unit is also magnetic and connect to a ball joint. This will allow you to adjust your power unit in any direction/angle.