Stealth Galaxy Pen

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Machine Type - Tattoo Pen for lining & shading.
Color - Gray, Blue, Red & Black.
Machine Type - Wireless Pen & Tattoo Pen with direct connection.
Brand - Stealth® (Pen Series).
Pen Voltage - 4.2 - 12 volts
Needle Swing - 3.5mm swing
Needle Protrusion - 0 to 4.5mm adjustable. With a simple twist of the grip, you can adjust how far your needle extends out of the tip. The grip twist smoothly and precisely.
Grip Size - You are given 2 grips style: Rounded and Standard. Both grips have a grip diameter of 1.25" inch.
Motor Info and Max RPM - Japanese Performance Matsu coreless brush dc motor with 11,000 Maximum RPM.
Battery Connection - 1900 mAh Battery which can run from 4-8 hours and a charge time of 3 hours.
Machine Connection - RCA Connection. (RCA cord included)
Item Included - Pen, Battery, 2 Grips, RCA adapter, RCA cord, & Pen Tray.
Weight - 7.5 oz with wireless battery
Machine Height - 5.5 inch tall with battery, and 4.5 with RCA adapter.
Warranty - 1 year warranty.
Lubrication - We recommend using our Super Lube or any thick blend lubricant. Do Not Use thin lubricant it will damage the motor and your warranty will be void.