OPEN BOX Stealth Galaxy Pen
  • OPEN BOX Stealth Galaxy Pen

OPEN BOX Stealth Galaxy Pen

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OPEN BOX Stealth Galaxy Pen

Machine Type: Tattoo Pen for lining & shading; Wireless Pen & Tattoo Pen with direct connection.
Color: Gray, Blue, Red & Black.
Brand: Stealth® (Pen Series).
Pen Voltage: 4.2 - 12 volts.
Needle Swing: 3.5mm swing or 4.2mm swing
Needle Protrusion: 0 to 4.5mm adjustable. With a simple twist of the grip, you can adjust how far your needle extends out of the tip. The grip twists smoothly and precisely.
Grip Size: Included are two grip styles: Rounded and Standard. Both grips have a grip diameter of 1.25" inches.
Motor Info and Max RPM: Japanese Performance Matsu coreless brush DC motor with 11,000 Maximum RPM.
Battery Connection: 1900 mAh battery, offering 4-8 hours of runtime with a charge time of 3 hours.
Machine Connection: RCA Connection (RCA cord included).
Items Included: Pen, Battery, 2 Grips, RCA adapter, RCA cord, & Pen Tray.
Weight: 7.5 oz with wireless battery.
Machine Height: 5.5 inches tall with battery, and 4.5 with RCA adapter.
Warranty: 1-year warranty.
Lubrication: We recommend using our Super Lube or any thick blend lubricant. Avoid thin lubricants as they may damage the motor and void your warranty.

The Stealth Galaxy Wireless Pen is activated by simply pressing the power button. Voltage adjustments are effortless, and the 4.5 needle protrusion can be easily modified by twisting the grip.

Each pen package includes a pen holder, an additional grip, a direct RCA adapter, an RCA cord, extra o-rings, and a charging cable. Please note that the adapter and the additional grip are black, regardless of the pen color chosen. The grips can be easily interchanged to suit your preference, with one being more rounded and the other straighter. If desired, the pen can be connected directly using the provided RCA adapter or used wirelessly with the included battery pack.