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Stencil Master Transfer Paper

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Brand - Stencil Maser
Available Packs - 100pcs sheets
Application - Thermal Machine/Hand Use (Thermal) or Hand Use Only (Sheet Carbon)

We now offer 2 types:

Blue - can be used with thermal machine or by hand
Purple - can only be used by hand

Product Info - The newest and greatest stencil paper from Tat Lab Inc. This paper has 3 layers. This paper has a thick purple carbon. The stencil goes onto easily and stay throughout the whole tattoo session.

We recommend to the Stencil Master Gel (sold separate) to get the best way to apply detailed, precision stencils and achieve longer lasting stencil artwork. Laboratory formulated and artist approved.

If there is a need to remove the transfer stencil for repositioning, it can be removed with alcohol. The original thermal copy stencil can be reapplied several times without the worry of using damaged stencils or having to make another.