T2 Pen Classic
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T2 Pen Classic

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T2 Classic Tattoo Pen

Items Included:

- Tattoo Pen -
- Pen can be used for shading and lining -
- Grip is adjustable with twist of the handle -
- RCA Cord -
- Pen Holder -
- Pen Holder -
- 2 Sample Cartridges -
- Parts & Accessories -

This Pen uses a special Japanese Performance Motor. The Pen has a needle swing of 4.5 and is adjustable by twisting of the grip. This machine weights 4.6oz and has a RCA connection.

We also offer 2 Special Limited Model: Matte Black & Heavy Brass

Please Note: In the picture the grip has these Black O Rings which are sold separately. Not needed to use your machine, but does offer extra grip and slipping

This machine comes with a 1 year warranty.