T2 Nano Wireless

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T2 Nano II Wireless Motor Tattoo Machine

Brand: T2
Swing: 3.5mm swing
Cartridge Grip: 1.5" inch wide and clickable to adjust your need protrusion.
3 Connection Type: You can connect this machine to power 3 different ways.
#1: Standard RCA Cord (not included).
#2: You can also connect with the RCA Battery Pack.
#3: You can also remove the RCA female and male connection to the connect the battery directly to the machine. This is the cleanest look possible.
Frame: Aircraft Aluminum
Battery Info: The battery can be used on any machine that has a RCA connection. You can remove the RCA connection to connect direct to your Nano Motor. The battery can run up to 5-8 hours with a charge time of 3 hours.
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty.