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The Art of Microblading Manual & DVD
People around the world are enjoying a rewarding career as a microblade artist. This instructional manual teaches what is needed to become successful in the field. It is a complete guide with over 100 pictures and illustrations which includes everything from beginning a procedure to marketing yourself. It’s important to learn all aspects of the business to be successful. It’s designed to help beginners and experienced microblade artists alike obtain the information needed to achieve amazing results.

One of the challenges of microblading is to master eyebrow designs that cater to each client’s needs. Chapter Five - Drawing Hair Strokes can help you do just that; it covers basic hair strokes, in depth. It also includes an extensive practice section with pictures of real eyebrows that can be drawn on and guides that will help you master the art of microblading. A microblade artist’s goal is to implant color into the proper layer of skin, referred to as the “Target Zone” or “Sweet Spot”, for optimal results. Chapter Six - Implanting Color, thoroughly details the process of implanting color.
We have created this manual for you, the artist, to help you achieve great results and success in the field of Microblading!

Also included is a DVD “Drawing Hair Strokes” Plus Color Theory
One of the challenges to be successful in the field of mircoblading is to be able to master the art of eyebrow designs that cater to each client’s needs. This DVD will help you learn just that. It will take you through the process of how to place each hair stroke in a pattern that designs the perfect eyebrows for your clients. It will help you master the art of drawing beautiful, natural looking hair strokes.

There are many questions answered on how to obtain the perfect eyebrow color for each client. It is always undertone plus color that equals the end result. The DVD also covers how to achieve the perfect color results which will produce beautiful, natural looking microblade eyebrows!