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Exo Black
Exo Black Model#: XI-EXOBLACK1

The Exo black that is thick but easy to work with. Great for lining and solid black work.

$8.00 - $36.00
Super Black
Super Black Model#: XI-SUPERBLACK1

Medium viscosity blend of black ink. It is a great all around black.

$6.00 - $24.00
Black Magic
Black Magic Model#: XI-BLACKMAGIC1

Our thinnest and smoothest ink dispersion. Goes in easy and will do wonders for your shading work.

$6.00 - $24.00
Tinta Serious Black
Tinta Serious Black Model#: SERIOUS-BLACK

Serious Black tattoo ink.

$17.50 En Existencia
Pulpo Negro
Pulpo Negro Model#: OCTOPUS-BLACK

Octopus Black tattoo ink.


Tinta Negra