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Welcome Tattoo DVD
Welcome Tattoo DVD Model#: DVD-WELCOME TATTOO

From the authors of the book: "Basic Fundamental of Modern Tattoo" Professional Apprentice Training Series, a must have for anyone apprenticing at a shop

$9.99 En Existencia
Hair of the Dog DVD by Bob Tyrrell
Hair of the Dog DVD by Bob Tyrrell Model#: DVD-HAIR-OT-DOG

Black & Grey Dog Portrait Techniques by the master Bob Tyrrell

$99.00 En Existencia
Intro to Rotary Machine DVD
Intro to Rotary Machine DVD Model#: DVD-ROTARY

Want to learn more about Rotary Machines and how to use them? This DVD will go through and teach you the basics and difference between rotary machines.

$59.99 List Price:$79.99 You Save: $20.00 (25%) En Existencia
Bob Tyrrell DVD
Bob Tyrrell DVD Model#: DVD-BOB TYRRELL

Method To My Madness DVD by Bob Tyrrell the Black & Grey Tattoo Master. Special Edition also now available. Only 5 Left

$99.99 - $125.00
Roman 2-Disc DVD
Roman 2-Disc DVD Model#: DVD-ROMAN

Learn how to tattoo Bio Mechanical & Portrait with Roman Abreco.

$99.99 En Existencia
DVD Tatuajes Basicos
DVD Tatuajes Basicos Model#: DVD-BASIC TATTOO

Learn the Basics in Tattoo from a Professional Matt has created a DVD that is simple and straight to the point. Matt will show you basic set up as well as keeping your work area sterile and safe.

$20.00 En Existencia
Portrait Tattoo DVD
Portrait Tattoo DVD Model#: DVD-PORTRAIT

This DVD is 6.5 hours long, and demonstrates how to complete 4 portrait tattoo from start to finish.

$99.99 En Existencia
Advance Tattooing 4-Disc DVD
Advance Tattooing 4-Disc DVD Model#: DVD-ADVANCE TATTOOING

Advance Tattooing Beyond the Needle 4-Disc DVD Set $90

$90.00 En Existencia
Learn How to Tattoo Dual Layer 4 DVD Set
Learn How to Tattoo Dual Layer 4 DVD Set Model#: DVD-HOW TO TATTOO (NEW 2011)

NEW Dual Layer 4 DVD Set (Re-edited in HD and Remastered with additional 2 hours of bonus material)

Aprenda Como Tatuar "Diseño de Espalda tipo Asia"
$50.00 List Price:$99.99 You Save: $49.99 (50%) En Existencia
Skull & Rose DVD by Steve Soto
Skull & Rose DVD by Steve Soto Model#: DVD-SOTO

Learn how to tattoo black and gray Skull & Rose tattoo from international award winning artist Steve Soto.

$100.00 En Existencia
Tatuaje Seguridad es Primero
Tatuaje Seguridad es Primero Model#: DVD-TSF

Educate you on how to protect yourself and your customers from the potential dangers involved in the tattoo process

$25.00 En Existencia
Learn How to Pierce
Learn How to Pierce Model#: DVD-HOW TO PIERCE

A complete A-Z piercing instructional DVD


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