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Ultra Cartridge Grip
Ultra Cartridge Grip Model#: ULTRA-TGRIP-SS

Made from 100% stainless steel & aluminum. This grip is adjustable and includes 3 plungers as well.

Cartridge Grips with Lock
Cartridge Grips with Lock Model#: TGRIP3-CARTRIDGE-BLACK

These cartridge grips have a special locking mechanism that prevents needle depth change during tattooing.

T2 Nano Grips
T2 Nano Grips Model#: T2GRIP-DSB

The T2 nano cartridge grips are adjustable. High quality cartridge tube with a nice anodize finish.

Manga de Agarre Gordo
Manga de Agarre Gordo Model#: TGRIP6-CARTRIDGE-TL-BLACK

Para aquellos que quieren un agarre más gordo para los motores Cheyenne. Estos también tienen el ajuste de profundidad de la aguja con un giro rápido.

Cartridge Grip (Vice Style)
Cartridge Grip (Vice Style) Model#: TGRIP4-CARTRIDGE-GREY-L

Fully adjustable and available in 1" and 1.25" grips. Fits all machines that uses a Vice Lock.

$30.00 - $35.00
Big Wasp Cartridge Grips
Big Wasp Cartridge Grips Model#: TGRIP8-CARTRIDGE-BLACK-L

These grips are available in 2 size: 1" inch & 1.25" inch these cartridge grips are adjustable.

$40.00 - $50.00
Cartridge Grip (Twist Style)
Cartridge Grip (Twist Style) Model#: TGRIP7-CARTRIDGE-TL-BLACK

Fully adjustable and fits any machine that uses a Twist Lock.


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