Stealth 4.0 (Black)

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Liner or Shader - Full adjustable from 2.5mm to 4mm
Color - Black Matte anodize finish
Needle Bar - The machine slide has a needle clip, so you no longer need a rubber band to keep your needle down. Black Matte anodize finish
Machine Type - Rotary Machine
Needle Type - Loop Bar Needles or Cartridge's Needles (plungers required)
Brand - Stealth® (4th Generation)
Frame Material - CNC'd from Aircraft Aluminum
Motor Info and Max RPM - Japanese Matsu X4 Motor & 12,000 Maximum RPM
Machine Connection - RCA Cord Connection.
Weight - 5 oz
Warranty - 1 year warranty.
Lubrication - We recommend using our Super Lube or any thick blend lubricant.

Check out Demo Video for more info.