Stealth 4.0 (Black)

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The STEALTH Generation 4 Rotary Tattoo Machine with its sleek Black Matte anodized finish combines aesthetics with functionality, offering an adjustable stroke length from 2.5mm to 4mm to suit both lining and shading work. Its innovative design includes a needle clip feature, eliminating the necessity for rubber bands and enhancing stability during use.

The machine’s design is further enhanced by the inclusion of a needle clip, negating the need for rubber bands and thereby increasing needle stability during the tattooing process. Such thoughtful engineering promotes precision with every mark made on the skin. Compatibility with both Loop Bar Needles and Cartridge Needles—requiring plungers for the latter—ensures that artists are not limited in their choice of materials and can select the best option for their specific project. Constructed from CNC'd Aircraft Aluminum, the STEALTH Generation 4 combines durability with lightweight handling, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged sessions. At its heart is a powerful Japanese Matsu X4 Motor, capable of achieving up to 12,000 RPM, offering artists the power and speed needed for meticulous work without sacrificing control or comfort.

Technical Specifications:

- Liner or Shader: Adjustable from 2.5mm to 4mm.
- Color: Black Matte anodized finish.
- Needle Bar: Equipped with a needle clip for stability.
- Machine Type: Rotary Machine.
- Needle Type: Compatible with Loop Bar and Cartridge Needles.
- Brand: Stealth® (4th Generation).
- Frame Material: CNC'd Aircraft Aluminum.
- Motor Info and Max RPM: Japanese Matsu X4 Motor, up to 12,000 RPM.
- Machine Connection: RCA Cord Connection.
- Weight: 5 oz.
- Warranty: 1 year.
- Lubrication: Compatible with Super Lube or any thick blend lubricant.

Package Contents:

- 1 STEALTH Generation 4 Rotary Tattoo Machine
- Professionally packaged to ensure safety and convenience upon delivery.

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