HURACAN (HP-2) Fuente de Poder LCD

Numero de Artículo: CYCLONE 2.0 Envio Gratuito de 2 Dias por UPS

Brand - Cyclone®
Model - Model 2 digital display
Maximum Voltage - 18 volts.
Preset Memory - 6 programmable settings. (3 Liner & 3 Shader settings)
Foot Pedal Mode - Momentary (step to turn on) or Maintained (step once to stay on and step once more to turn off)
Digital Display - Shows the machine volts, amps, speed, & duty. An added feature the display also has: Clock & Stop Watch.
Mounts - 2 base mounts included, & 1 rotatable power supply mount. You also get 4 suctions & 4 magnet to secure you base mount to any surface.
Rotary Compatibility - Yes, can work with rotary machines.
Power Input - AC110-240V (Can be used in Any Country).
Warranty - 1 year limited warranty.

Need Replacement Mounts or Magnets? - We offer replacement pieces for your Cyclone 2 & 3 power supply. These parts will also fit older style Critical Power Supplies as well.

Mounting Set: (2) Leg Base, (1) Mounting Plate, (4) Magnets, (4) Suctions.
Leg Base 3: (1) Leg Base with 3 holes triangle shape.
Leg Base 3: (1) Leg Base with 4 holes square shape.
Magnets: 4) Magnets.
Suctions: (4) Suctions.

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