Sterile Dressing Bandages
  • Sterile Dressing Bandages

Sterile Dressing Bandages

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Inkhealth® bandages are the only tattoo aftercare products of its kind to be FDA Certified. This means a greater level of safety and quality in the products we carry. Our bandages are unparalleled in a market full of choices. Nonstick Island dressings are crucial to the healing process of any tattoo. This allows the skins environment to remain clean while keeping fluids from “pooling” within the bandaged area. InkHealth® bandages also keep your favorite aftercare ointments on the tattooed area for a greater level of healing. We manufacture our bandages with the highest quality latex-free material. This film creates a completely waterproof barrier, and yet allows vital oxygen to reach the effected area. Another perfect combination for an unprecedented healing process. Individual sterile packs also provide one more level of safety when it comes to the healing process, providing the cleanest possible solution for your clients. From the beginning of the process to the very end, our concerns are your concerns when it comes to the cleanest procedures possible. InkHealth® for your inks health. This products is Vegan Friendly.

Available in 4 different sizes: 6" x 6", 8" x 8", and 8" x 12"

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