Protector para el Color Tattoo Goo
  • Protector para el Color Tattoo Goo

Protector para el Color Tattoo Goo

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Color Guard Stick - SPF 30 rating, plus special UV/UVA inhibitors, help protect tattoos from fading. Other ingredients help to provide moisture the tattoo thus enhancing color. The large stick allows precision application, helping protect the tattoo while allowing for tanning of other skin areas. 24 Pack Counter Display item 305 .45oz.

The sun is the enemy of your tattoo. The powerful ultra-violent rays (UVR) of the sun change fade, and destroy all it comes in contact with over a period of time. It takes only 1 hour of direct sunlight to ruin a new unprotected tattoo. Color Guard® with its unique formula acts as a shield for your tattoo while it rejuvenates the appearance of your tattoo. Color Guard® Stick was established to create exclusive skin care products to improve and protect the longevity of tattoos whether you are involved with water sports, sunning, skiing or working outdoors. Like all Lakeview Laboratories products they are not tested on animals.

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