Libro de Flash Alas y Angeles
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Libro de Flash Alas y Angeles

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This 64 page book is filled with Angels, cherubs, angel and devil wings, butterfly wings and other beautiful winged tattoo designs.

Can a winged image inspire and guide our thoughts, actions and future? Today, more and more people are choosing to get a tattoo of an angel or a pair of wings: perhaps because they want to get in touch with their spirituality, looking for the divine within themselves. Someone who gets a tattoo of bat wings, or "devil wings", is similarly inspired to make contact with the invisible and their most hidden side. In the same way, someone who gets fairy wings wants to connect with "magic" inside themselves. Whatever the particular design, the idea they all share is that this characteristic image will help the wearer to "take flight" towards an uncommon world. This new special edition is dedicated to all of you! It contains tattoo designs with angel wings, devil wings, butterfly wings, angels and devils together, guardian angels, cherubs and other amazing subjects selected from the best of Tattoo Ideas. Take your pick!

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