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ULTRA Stainless Steel Adjustable Cartridge Grips
ULTRA Stainless Steel Adjustable Cartridge Grips Model#: ULTRA-TGRIP-SS

The Ultra Cartridge Grip is designed to accommodate a variety of cartridge needles through three included plungers. Its compatibility with modern cartridge systems, enhanced by an aluminum grip guide and backstem featuring ball bearings for smooth adjustments, marks a significant upgrade over traditional grips.

$49.99 In Stock
Cartridge Grips with Lock
Cartridge Grips with Lock Model#: TGRIP3-CARTRIDGE-BLACK

The Cartridge Grips with Lock by WWTS are crafted from high-quality aluminum and they feature a special locking mechanism for precise adjustments of the grip. The twist lock ensures the cartridge remains securely in place, preventing slippage during intricate work. Compatible with most standard cartridges, each package contains 1 Cartridge Grip with Lock.

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T2 Nano Grips
T2 Nano Grips Model#: T2GRIP-DSB

The T2 Nano Grips are crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum and its adjustable design provides personalized control over needle swing. With a sleek anodized finish and available in six vibrant colors, the T2 Nano Grips offer both functionality and style. These grips are backed up by 1 year warranty.

Fat Grip Sleeve

The Fat Grip Sleeve enhances Cheyenne motor grips, offering a bulkier handle for better control and an innovative needle depth adjustment feature. Compatible with Cheyenne Thunder, Spirit, and Toretto Rotary models, it's made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum and allows for easy twist-based depth changes. Available in two shapes and three colors, each grip comes in a faux velvet bag with a 6-month warranty.

$29.99 - $30.00
Cartridge Grip (Vice Style)
Cartridge Grip (Vice Style) Model#: TGRIP4-CARTRIDGE-BLACK-XL

The Cartridge Grip (Vice Style) by WWTS is crafted from durable aircraft aluminum with a simple twist adjustment for precise needle control. Available in 1" and 1.25" sizes and various colors, these grips fit all machines using a Vice Lock. Its effortless needle adjustment guarantees optimal performance for outlining intricate details or shading larger areas.

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Big Wasp Cartridge Grips
Big Wasp Cartridge Grips Model#: TGRIP8-CARTRIDGE-GREY-L

The Big Wasp Cartridge Grips are crafted from durable aluminum for optimal functionality and hygiene. Its available in 1" and 1.25" sizes, offered in various color and with adjustable aluminum construction for outlining intricate details and shading larger areas. These grips are also compatible with various cartridge sizes and colors.

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Adjustable Cartridge Grips

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