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Welcome Tattoo DVD
Welcome Tattoo DVD Model#: DVD-WELCOME TATTOO

Welcome Tattoo DVD by CR Jordan focuses on tattoo machine functionality. It includes instructions on assembly, maintenance, needle configurations, and safety, aimed at providing a thorough understanding of the equipment used in professional tattooing. Jordan's clear, direct teaching style ensures apprentices gain the knowledge and confidence needed to work with tattoo machines effectively. The DVD offers a comprehensive resource for those beginning their journey in the tattoo industry.

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Intro to Rotary Machine DVD
Intro to Rotary Machine DVD Model#: DVD-ROTARY

This digital video series, led by Brandon Zitlow, offers a focused look at rotary tattoo machines, including the Dragonfly, Bishop, and Stealth Rotary models, across 3 hours and 42 minutes. It provides practical insights and demonstrations on tattooing techniques with these machines. The series is structured into five chapters, covering everything from a basic overview to detailed sessions on specific tattoo applications. Designed for artists looking to master rotary machines, this package also grants access to exclusive online resources and support.

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Bob Tyrrell DVD
Bob Tyrrell DVD Model#: DVD-BOB TYRRELL

The "Method to My Madness" DVD by Bob Tyrrell features over two hours of Tyrrell's profound insights and technical guidance. Through detailed tutorials and a glimpse into Tyrrell’s comprehensive approach, filmed at Off the Map Northeast, viewers gain unparalleled access to the techniques that define his renowned portrait work. From equipment choices to execution, the DVD encapsulates Tyrrell’s artistic philosophy and procedural expertise. The limited special edition, featuring Tyrrell's autograph, a skull print, a branded guitar pick, and stickers, enriches its educational value with collectible appeal.

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Basic Tattoo DVD
Basic Tattoo DVD Model#: DVD-BASIC TATTOO

"Basic Tattoo Instructional DVD" by Matt Bennett is a 60-minute comprehensive guide covering all foundational aspects of tattooing, from setup to color application, ideal for beginners to advanced artists. In this DVD, Matt will show you basic set up as well as keeping your work area safe.

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Learn How to Tattoo Dual Layer 4 DVD Set
Learn How to Tattoo Dual Layer 4 DVD Set Model#: DVD-HOW TO TATTOO (NEW 2011)

The INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BODY ART presents an educational series by Gary Gray Jr. & Paul Miller, comprising over 13.5 hours of instruction on 4 Dual Layered DVDs. This collection covers vital topics from fundamental equipment handling to advanced tattooing techniques, encompassing machine tuning, portrait tattooing, and color shading. Tailored for tattoo artists at every proficiency level, it furnishes a comprehensive toolkit for skill refinement and creative exploration. (Re-edited in HD and Remastered with an extra 2 hours of bonus material)

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Learn How to Tattoo "Asian Back Piece"
Learn How to Tattoo "Asian Back Piece" Model#: DVD-ASIAN

This comprehensive 6-chapter, 6-hour tutorial, brought to you by INSANE TATTOO PRODUCTS, provides detailed guidance on creating traditional Asian back pieces, including iconic designs like the Oni Mask, Devil Mask, Tiger, Waterfall, Koi, and Warrior. Its ideal for artists at any skill level

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Skull & Rose DVD by Steve Soto
Skull & Rose DVD by Steve Soto Model#: DVD-SOTO

Skull & Rose DVD Tattoo Tutorial by Steve Soto offers an extensive guide for artists focusing on black and gray tattoos, particularly skulls and roses. This tutorial, led by the renowned and award-winning artist Steve Soto, covers everything from drafting the initial sketch to executing the final tattoo. It’s designed to improve both technique and understanding of this specific style, providing comprehensive instructions tailored for artists aiming to excel in black and gray designs.

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Tattoo Safety First
Tattoo Safety First Model#: DVD-TSF

"Tattoo Safety First" DVD is an essential OSHA-compliant training resource, focusing on protective measures against bloodborne pathogens in tattooing.

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