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Dermatologist Formulated by Tirgan MD Cosmeceutcals.

Pro-Healing Formula comes in in 15 ML, 0.5 OZ size dispenser.

Ginseng roots (Panax ginseng) have been used traditionally for the treatment, especially prevention, of various diseases in China, Korea, and Japan. The topical use of ginseng roots to treat skin complaints including atopic suppurative dermatitis, wounds, and inflammation is also described in ancient Chinese texts. Several scientific publications have emphasized the would healing properties of Ginseng. In 1988, Kanzaki et al. [1] reported that an orally administered red ginseng root extract stimulated the repair of intractable skin ulcers in patients with diabetes mellitus and Werner's syndrome in clinical trials. Morisaki et al. [2] showed that the local administration of ginseng saponins markedly improved wound healing in diabetic and aging rats. Furthermore, Choi [3] reported that ginsenoside Rb2 improved wound healing through its facilitating effects on epidermal cell proliferation, by upregulating the expression of proliferation-related factors.
Lasers are very commonly used by dermatologist for treatment of variety of skin conditions. Pro-Healing Formula contains high grade panax ginseng in a soothing moisturizer base that can be used for the care of skin after laser treatment, or laser hair removal.
We also recommend using the cream after tattooing, to take advantage of healing power of ginseng and enhance the recovery of skin after tattooing.

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