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Inkless Practice Skin
Inkless Practice Skin Model#: SKIN-INKLESS

Utilizing state-of-the-art pressure-sensitive technology, this practice skin darkens when the needle punctures its surface. It offers artists a clear view of their line work and shading techniques, eliminating the need for ink. Though designed for single-use, it is versatile enough to be utilized on both its sides.

$7.50 - $63.75
Sketch Practice Skin
Sketch Practice Skin Model#: SKETCH

Thick quality Tattoo practice skin, just like the real thing. Holds the ink well and a great way to practice your lines and shading.

$10.00 - $114.75
Tattooable Lucky Cat
Tattooable Lucky Cat Model#: APOF-LCAT-S

Tattooable Lucky Cat calmly awaits your best masterworks

Tattooable Gnome
Tattooable Gnome Model#: APOF-GNOME

Our Naked Gnome has a penchant for flipping you the double bird

$139.99 5 In Stock
Tattooable Naked Cat
Tattooable Naked Cat Model#: APOF-NCAT

Why adopt a real-life hairless feline companion cat when you can have a synthetic one that’s 100% tattooable

$149.99 5 In Stock
Tattooable Lucky Ducky
Tattooable Lucky Ducky Model#: APOF-DUCK-S

From the tub to your studio, our tattooable Lucky Ducky is a true icon.

$39.99 - $59.99
Tattooable CUTIE DOLL
Tattooable CUTIE DOLL Model#: APOF-DOLL

New Arrival Angel & Devil Dolls.

$124.99 - $134.99
Tattooable STAR
Tattooable STAR Model#: APOF-STAR

This tattooable Star flat canvas is anything but flat when it comes to personality.

$15.99 10 In Stock
Tattooable CIRCLE
Tattooable CIRCLE Model#: APOF-CIRCLE

This tattooable Micro Circle flat canvas is anything but flat when it comes to personality.

$15.99 9 In Stock
Tattooable CROSS
Tattooable CROSS Model#: APOF-CROSS

This tattooable Cross flat canvas is anything but flat when it comes to personality.

$15.99 10 In Stock

This tattooable Broken Heart flat canvas is anything but flat when it comes to personality.

$15.99 10 In Stock
Tattooable MOTH
Tattooable MOTH Model#: APOF-MOTH

This tattooable Moth flat canvas is anything but flat when it comes to personality.

$15.99 10 In Stock
Tattooable OVAL
Tattooable OVAL Model#: APOF-OVAL

The Miniature APOF Small Oval Tattooable Skin is a canvas with a decorative beveled edge. Measuring 5.5" in width, 7" in length, and 0.25" in thickness, this small oval is perfect for practicing techniques or showcasing small-scale masterpieces. Its silicone and rubber-based materials provide a realistic feel. The package includes the APOF Small Oval in professional and secure packaging for safety and convenience.

$14.99 9 In Stock
Tattooable PLAQUE
Tattooable PLAQUE Model#: APOF-PLAQUE

The Practice Tattoo PLAQUE, measuring 11” x 9” with a beveled edge, is designed for artists focusing on small-scale tattoo art. Fabricated from silicone and rubber for a realistic skin feel, it suits apprentices for practice and professionals for showcasing or testing techniques. This unique, rounded plaque ensures your work stands out in displays or conventions. It comes securely packaged, ready for use in both practice and professional settings.

$14.99 10 In Stock
Tattooable SHIELD
Tattooable SHIELD Model#: APOF-SHIELD

Our decorative APOF Small Shield serves as a reminder that your work on practice skins shows glory and dedication to your craft

$14.99 10 In Stock
Tattooable SQUARE
Tattooable SQUARE Model#: APOF-SQUARE

The Practice Tattoo SQUARE, measuring 5.5" x 7" x 0.25", is crafted from silicone and rubber to mimic human skin, ideal for tattoo artists at any skill level. Its square design with a beveled edge offers a versatile practice surface for detailed to broad artwork. Suitable for apprentices and professionals alike, it's perfect for refining techniques, showcasing work, or testing new equipment. This compact, visually appealing piece is ready for use straight out of professional packaging, making it a practical addition to any artist's toolkit or portfolio.

$14.99 6 In Stock
Tattooable 3D Face
Tattooable 3D Face Model#: PM-3DFACE

Originally used for permanent make up, but can be used for tattooing also.

$7.50 In Stock
Tattooable FOOT
Tattooable FOOT Model#: APOF-FEET-LEFT

By "A Pound of Flesh" tattoo practice Foot. Like practicing on a real hand.

Tattooable Hand
Tattooable Hand Model#: POF-HAND-LEFT

Our APOF Nikko Hurtado Hand is part of our unique Idol Series, which allows you to fulfill a fantasy you have perhaps never considered.

Tattooable ARM
Tattooable ARM Model#: APOF-ARM-LEFT

Our APOF Arm is a favorite among artists, and comes tattooable, flesh-toned, and without jitters, blood, or hairs to shave.

Tattooable BREAST
Tattooable BREAST Model#: APOF-BREAST

While our APOF Breasts with Nipples allow cosmetic artists to practice their areola color work, our APOF Nippleless Breasts give artists the chance to start from the drawing board.

$59.99 In Stock
Tattooable TORSO
Tattooable TORSO Model#: APOF-TORSO

Our APOF Torso with Nippleless Breasts is for noble artists looking to practice sternum or areola tattooing

$69.99 5 In Stock
Tattooable FACE
Tattooable FACE Model#: APOF-FACE

Our APOF Jesse Smith Face, a part of our Idol Series, is molded directly from the face of new school artist Jesse Smith himself.

$59.99 In Stock
Tattooable HEAD
Tattooable HEAD Model#: APOF-S-HEAD

Our APOF Jesse Smith Head, another edition to our unique Idol Series, is an even larger collector’s item for tattoo practice and posterity. Available in Life Size & Shrunken Head size.

$74.99 - $149.99
Practice Skin
Practice Skin Model#: SKIN1

Basic Tattoo practice skin & also available with 3 designs already printed on the skin.

$2.50 - $15.00

Practice Skin

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