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Sketch Practice Skin
Sketch Practice Skin Model#: SKETCH

Thick quality Tattoo practice skin, just like the real thing. Holds the ink well and a great way to practice your lines and shading.

$10.00 - $114.75
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Model#: APOF-DUCK-S

From the tub to your studio, our tattooable Lucky Ducky is a true icon.

$39.99 - $59.99
Practice Tattoo CUTIE DOLL
Practice Tattoo CUTIE DOLL Model#: APOF-DOLL

New Arrival Angel & Devil Dolls.

$139.99 - $159.99
3D Face Practice Skin
3D Face Practice Skin Model#: PM-3DFACE

Originally used for permanent make up, but can be used for tattooing also.

$7.50 In Stock
Practice Tattoo OVAL
Practice Tattoo OVAL Model#: APOF-OVAL

Introducing the same oval slab of tattooable skin you know and love in miniature.

$14.99 1 In Stock
Practice Tattoo HEART
Practice Tattoo HEART Model#: APOF-HEART

We’ve done limbs, skulls, and even a shrunken version of the legendary Jesse Smith, so the time was ripe to create a tattooable heart.

$14.99 In Stock
Practice Tattoo PLAQUE
Practice Tattoo PLAQUE Model#: APOF-PLAQUE

Tattooers who prefer small-scale work, or large-scale artists looking to try their hand at working in miniature will delight in our stylish APOF Small Plaque with its beveled edge.

$14.99 In Stock
Practice Tattoo SHIELD
Practice Tattoo SHIELD Model#: APOF-SHIELD

Our decorative APOF Small Shield serves as a reminder that your work on practice skins shows glory and dedication to your craft

$14.99 3 In Stock
Practice Tattoo SQUARE
Practice Tattoo SQUARE Model#: APOF-SQUARE

Tattooers who prefer small-scale work try their hand at working in miniature will delight in our stylish APOF Small Plaque with its beveled edge.

$14.99 In Stock
Practice Tattoo FOOT
Practice Tattoo FOOT Model#: APOF-FEET-LEFT

By "A Pound of Flesh" tattoo practice Foot. Like practicing on a real hand.

Practice Tattoo Hand
Practice Tattoo Hand Model#: POF-HAND-LEFT

Our APOF Nikko Hurtado Hand is part of our unique Idol Series, which allows you to fulfill a fantasy you have perhaps never considered.

Practice Tattoo ARM
Practice Tattoo ARM Model#: APOF-ARM-LEFT

Our APOF Arm is a favorite among artists, and comes tattooable, flesh-toned, and without jitters, blood, or hairs to shave.

Practice Tattoo BREAST
Practice Tattoo BREAST Model#: APOF-BREAST

While our APOF Breasts with Nipples allow cosmetic artists to practice their areola color work, our APOF Nippleless Breasts give artists the chance to start from the drawing board.

$59.99 In Stock
Practice Tattoo TORSO
Practice Tattoo TORSO Model#: APOF-TORSO

Our APOF Torso with Nippleless Breasts is for noble artists looking to practice sternum or areola tattooing

$69.99 5 In Stock
Practice Tattoo FACE
Practice Tattoo FACE Model#: APOF-FACE

Our APOF Jesse Smith Face, a part of our Idol Series, is molded directly from the face of new school artist Jesse Smith himself.

$59.99 In Stock
Practice Tattoo SKULL
Practice Tattoo SKULL Model#: APOF-SKULL

Molded from a deceased jester’s skull, our APOF Yorick Skull is as life-like as you can get.

$99.99 1 In Stock
Practice Tattoo HEAD
Practice Tattoo HEAD Model#: APOF-S-HEAD

Our APOF Jesse Smith Head, another edition to our unique Idol Series, is an even larger collector’s item for tattoo practice and posterity. Available in Life Size & Shrunken Head size.

$74.99 - $149.99
Practice Skin
Practice Skin Model#: SKIN1

Basic Tattoo practice skin & also available with 3 designs already printed on the skin.

$2.50 - $15.00

Practice Skin

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