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Power Supply Adapter
Power Supply Adapter Model#: CHEY-ADAPTER

The Power Supply Adapter offers a seamless solution for connecting Cheyenne tattoo motors or pens directly to any power supply unit, eliminating the need for bulky start-up cords and manual voltage adjustments. Designed specifically for Cheyenne equipment, this adapter simplifies the tattooing process by allowing devices to operate at their standard voltage from the start, enhancing setup efficiency and reducing preparation time. Its compact design caters to power supplies with a Phono Plug input for tattoo artists seeking streamlined operations.

$15.00 In Stock
Cheyenne Machine Cord
Cheyenne Machine Cord Model#: CH-MACHINECORD-A

The Cheyenne Machine Cord is a dedicated replacement power cord for Cheyenne Spirit, Thunder, and Pen tattoo machines. It ensures a stable connection between your machine and the power supply, designed for optimal performance and reliability.

$10.00 - $15.00
Cheyenne Power Supply Cord
Cheyenne Power Supply Cord Model#: CH-POWERCORD-PEN (Orange Cord)

The Cheyenne Power Supply Cord enables Cheyenne Spirit, Thunder, or Pen tattoo machines to connect with non-Cheyenne power supplies. It adapts from a Phono Plug to a Female stereo plug, allowing for versatile power source options while ensuring reliable performance of your Cheyenne equipment.

Start Up Facility Power Cord
Start Up Facility Power Cord Model#: CH-STARTUPCORD

The Start Up Facility Power Cord enables seamless compatibility between Cheyenne tattoo machines and non-Cheyenne power supplies. It simplifies the machine's start-up process by eliminating the need for manual voltage adjustments, directly connecting Cheyenne machines to any third-party power unit. This cord ensures a stable and efficient operation, making it an essential accessory for artists using Cheyenne equipment with alternative power sources. Compatible with all Cheyenne machines, it enhances the tattooing experience by focusing on artistry rather than equipment setup.

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