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Critical Torque Pen
Critical Torque Pen Model#: CT-TOR-PEN3.5

The Critical Torque Wireless (Pen Alone) . This Pen utilizes the industry’s 1st Precision Strike Technology to promote a smoother, faster, and more efficient tattooing experience.

Critical Torque Pen Set
Critical Torque Pen Set Model#: CT-TOR-PEN4.2-SET

The Critical Torque Wireless Tattoo Machine revolutionizes tattooing with its Precision Strike Technology, offering unmatched efficiency and accuracy. It's powered by a custom German brushless motor for consistent performance and features a firmer needle hit and an advanced stabilization system for superior control. With a 15-hour battery life, LED interface, stroke options of 3.5mm or 4.2mm, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, it's designed for professional use. The package includes the machine, two V3 battery packs, two grips, an RCA adapter and cord, and a dual battery dock, ensuring artists have everything they need for precision tattooing in any setting.


Critical Torque Wireless

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