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Loose Needles (1000pcs)
Loose Needles (1000pcs) Model#: 12

Make your own tattoo needles. We offer 1000pcs loose needles in all needles sizes and in all type of tapers.

$5.00 List Price:$15.00 You Save: $10.00 (67%)
Needle Bars
Needle Bars Model#: 40

Round and Flat Ended Loop Bars & Straight Bars.

$0.50 List Price:$1.00 You Save: $0.50 (50%)
Flux & Solder
Flux & Solder Model#: FLUX

The same Flux & Solder we use to make our own needles.

Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron Model#: TA-IRON

Tattoo Soldering Iron

Eye Loop
Eye Loop Model#: TA-MAG

Tattoo Needle Eye Loop to inspect needle quality.

Needle File Set
Needle File Set Model#: FILESET

File set includes 10 different files.

$6.00 In Stock

Loose Needle & Equipment

Tattoo Needles: