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Fugu Air Soft Pedal
Fugu Air Soft Pedal Model#: TMFS-FUGU

The Fugu Foot Pedal replaces traditional mechanical components and copper wires with an air-filled pedal and hollow hose connection and offers unprecedented sensitivity allowing for comfortable positioning at any angle. The pedal's air pressure is precisely captured by the 'Switch Box,' to make sure about immediate responses to the slightest foot movements.

$15.00 List Price:$19.99 You Save: $4.99 (25%) In Stock
Plastic Pedal
Plastic Pedal Model#: TMFS-PLASTIC-RED

A Simple and Durable Design and Light Weight

$5.62 - $7.50
Radical Wireless Pedal
Radical Wireless Pedal Model#: RADICAL-PEDAL-BR

Available in Copper and Bronze colors, this foot pedal is revolutionizing the way you power up your tattoo machine. No more tangled cords! With its extended range of 10+ feet, you can have all the flexibility you need.

$2.00 - $89.99
Flick & Push Start Swtich
Flick & Push Start Swtich Model#: TMFSWIT-PLUG

Tired of using foot pedals, Try our new push start or flick switch

$7.50 List Price:$10.00 You Save: $2.50 (25%) In Stock
Aluminum Slim Pedal
Aluminum Slim Pedal Model#: TMFS-ALUMINUM

This slim foot pedal is ultra thin and CNC from aluminum.

$35.00 In Stock
Gem Pedel Series 2
Gem Pedel Series 2 Model#: TMFSR-1-N

Improved with a Heavier Base and improved pedal sensor switch.

$26.25 List Price:$35.00 You Save: $8.75 (25%) In Stock
Cross Bronze Pedal
Cross Bronze Pedal Model#: TMFSR-CROSS-BRONZE

Bronze Cross Skull Foot Pedal (Phono Plug) Available in 2 colors: Copper & Bronze

$5.00 List Price:$10.00 You Save: $5.00 (50%)
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade Model#: TMFS-BLADE

The Ultra Thin Foot Pedal Blade has a ultra-slim 0.25-inch design, enhancing both comfort and reliability for artists. Its flat profile allows for a more comfortable foot position, reducing strain during extensive sessions. Equipped with a 7.5 feet long cord and premium copper wiring for efficient power transmission, it features a standard 1/4" Phono Plug for broad compatibility.

$7.50 List Price:$15.00 You Save: $7.50 (50%) In Stock
Square Foot Pedal
Square Foot Pedal Model#: TMFSWIT-1

Square Foot Pedal with premium copper wires & 8 Feet Long.

$7.50 List Price:$10.00 You Save: $2.50 (25%) In Stock
Flat Foot Pedal
Flat Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-FLAT

Small durable slim flat foot pedal. 2.6 inch wide and 0.6 inch tall.

$7.50 List Price:$10.00 You Save: $2.50 (25%) In Stock
Basic Foot Pedal
Basic Foot Pedal Model#: C-TMFS1

Basic foot pedal with standard copper wires & 5 feet long.

$7.99 In Stock
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal #2
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal #2 Model#: TMFS-MINI2

New & Improved model with a non slip base

$10.50 List Price:$14.00 You Save: $3.50 (25%) In Stock

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