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Cap Rack
Cap Rack Model#: CAPRACK10MM

Save time and money with our Cap Racks. Easy to store and cut our caps to the amount need for your session.

Disposable Workstation
Disposable Workstation Model#: DISPOSABLE-TRAYSTATION

Disposable 1 time use workstation. Can hold your Pen, Inks, Water, A&D, & Cartridges.

$9.99 In Stock
Large Disposable Workstation
Large Disposable Workstation Model#: DISPOSABLE-TRAYSTATION-L

Large Disposable 1 time use workstation. Can hold your Inks, Water, A&D, & Cartridges.

$19.99 In Stock
Biodegradable Inks Cups
Biodegradable Inks Cups Model#: M9200

Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable

Tattoo Ink Rack
Tattoo Ink Rack Model#: INKRACK-CLR

Holds up to 50 bottles and can we mounted to wall or other flat surfaces.

Black Magic Tape
Black Magic Tape Model#: BLACK-MAGIC-TAPE

This tape is double sided it is soft and flexible. It is reusable, removable, and washable.

$20.00 In Stock
Silicon Suction Ink Cups
Silicon Suction Ink Cups Model#: 12100-SI-MIX

These soft ink cups stick to any smoother surface. Does not damage the needle head if you hit the bottom.

Konect Ink Cups
Konect Ink Cups Model#: 12100-K

These square shape ink cups allows you to connect them together with specialize slide connects on the side of the inks cups.

$5.00 In Stock
Standing Ink Cups
Standing Ink Cups Model#: 9100N-BLACK

These ink cups have a flat bottom which allows them to stand by by themselves.

$2.00 - $8.00
Ink Cups
Ink Cups Model#: 8100

Standard ink cups that can be used with a ink cup holder. These are non self standing.

$2.00 - $7.00
Solidus Powder
Solidus Powder Model#: SOLIDUS

The most powerful solidifying powder to clean up your ink cups and wash cups.

$7.50 In Stock
Vortex Tattoo Shaker
Vortex Tattoo Shaker Model#: TA-VORTEXSHAKER-US

The newest and best tattoo ink shaker

$39.99 In Stock
Tattoo Ink Shaker
Tattoo Ink Shaker Model#: TA-SHAKER

Tired of shaking your inks that settle over time. With this electronic ink shaker, you just set it and forget it.

$29.99 In Stock
Pro Cup Single
Pro Cup Single Model#: PRO-CUP

Pro Cups the world's finest instrument to clean, blend, dry, or dilute ink in seconds while tattooing.

$2.50 - $57.50
Acrylic Ink Cup Holder
Acrylic Ink Cup Holder Model#: 916-XL2

Holds up to 3 different size ink cups & rinse cup. Mount to any metal surface with the built in magnet.

$14.99 In Stock
Pigment Mixer
Pigment Mixer Model#: PM

Battery powered tattoo ink mixer. Disposable mixing sticks sold separately.

$1.50 - $10.00
Tattoo Ink Wash Rinse Cup 5-oz
Tattoo Ink Wash Rinse Cup 5-oz Model#: RINSE-CUP-W

Wash rinse cup to clean out your tattoo needle.

$1.50 - $22.00
Black Tilted Ink Cup Holder
Black Tilted Ink Cup Holder Model#: IC-ST-BLACK

Hold your standard #9 & #16 ink cups made from Steel

$1.00 In Stock
Disposable Ink Cup Holder
Disposable Ink Cup Holder Model#: IC16

Disposable ink cup holder available for #9 & #16 in cups.

$1.00 - $35.00
Monster Ink Cup Holder
Monster Ink Cup Holder Model#: 916-Monster

Fuctional & Decorative Monster design ink cup holder

$7.50 In Stock
Steel Ink Cup Holder
Steel Ink Cup Holder Model#: IC-ST-BLACK

Steel ink cup holders, available in 2 styles

$1.00 - $5.00

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