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Bishop x Critical Battery Packs
Bishop x Critical Battery Packs Model#: BISHOP-WAND-BATTERY-SHORTY

Battery packs to fit your Power WAND (will NOT work with your Original Wand) Available in Standard and Shortly Size.

$239.99 - $259.99
Wand Power Set
Wand Power Set Model#: WAND-POWER-L

The Wand you already know and love but with a new magnetic backplate to connect battery or RCA adapter.

Wand Power
Wand Power Model#: NEW-BISHOP-WAND-P

The Wand Power with a RCA connection. The new Magnetic connection allows you to easily connect the critical battery easily and clean.

Wand Pen
Wand Pen Model#: BISHOP-WAND-S

The Original Model will be discontinued, and will be replaced with the Wand Power with magnetic connection.

$649.99 In Stock

Bishop Wand

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