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Xtreme 3 Black Set
Xtreme 3 Black Set Model#: XI-3BLACK-SET1

Get the 3 best blacks offered by Xtreme. These 3 are specialty formulated with 3 different viscosities.

$18.00 - $75.60
Liquid Solutions
Liquid Solutions Model#: XI-CE4

We offer 3 different type of liquid solutions for your tattoo inks. Color Enhancer, Shading Solution, & Wetting Solution.

$6.00 - $14.00
8 Color Sample Set
8 Color Sample Set Model#: XI-8SET05

Try out our most basic and primary colors.

$52.00 - $88.00
Black & Grey Set
Black & Grey Set Model#: XI-11SET1/2

The ultimate 11-Bottle Set that offers all the grey and white washes. As well as Super black, Exo white & shading solution.

$50.00 List Price:$59.40 You Save: $9.40 (16%) In Stock
12 Color Basic Set
12 Color Basic Set Model#: XI-12SET05

The most common 12 colors in the Xtreme Ink line.

$73.80 - $378.00
25 Color Set
25 Color Set Model#: XI-25SET1/2

The Top 25 colors in the Xtreme Ink lineup.

$157.60 - $247.50
GrayWashes Model#: XI-GW-XXL1/2

Xtreme graywashes go into easy have a cool undertone that contrasts perfectly in the skin.

$5.00 - $64.80
WhiteWashes Model#: XI-WW-XXL1/2

Xtreme whitewashes works just like our original graywashes but heals like an opaque gray.

$5.00 - $72.00
Tanan Graywash Set
Tanan Graywash Set Model#: XI-GWSET4-TANAN

Tanan’s signature set includes five special shades that blend together effortlessly and heal perfectly.

$110.00 In Stock
Rodrigo Lopes Monumental Set
Rodrigo Lopes Monumental Set Model#: XI-RLMSET1/2

Decorated artist Rodrigo Lopes from Brazil

$78.00 - $132.00
Marko Color Portrait Set
Marko Color Portrait Set Model#: XI-MTPSET1/2

Hand picked colors by Serbia artist Marko Stamenkovic

$70.00 - $122.00
Kevin Boudreau
Kevin Boudreau Model#: XI-KEVIN-SET1/2

Graffiti inspired bright bold New School 12 Color Set.

$65.00 - $110.00
Planeta Bíu Set
Planeta Bíu Set Model#: XI-PLANETABIUSET1/2

Planeta Bíu New School 12-Pack Ink Set

$78.00 - $132.00
Ato Legaspi's Realism Color Set
Ato Legaspi's Realism Color Set Model#: XI-ATOSET1/2

15 of the most common colors used fore realism tattoos by award winning artist Ato Legaspi

$105.00 - $180.00
Traditional Japanese Set
Traditional Japanese Set Model#: XI-TJSET05

10 of the perfect colors pallets for the Japanese traditional tattoo.

$65.00 - $110.00
Old School Set
Old School Set Model#: XI-OSSET1/2

The most popular colors used for Traditional Old School artist.

$52.00 - $88.00
Flesh Tone Set
Flesh Tone Set Model#: XI-FTSET05

Specifically made for those who are looking for the best flesh tone colors Xtreme has to offer.

$32.50 - $175.00
Pastel Color Set
Pastel Color Set Model#: XI-PASTELSET05

The best 5 pastel colors offered by Xtreme Ink

$32.50 - $100.00
Pure Color Set
Pure Color Set Model#: XI-PURESET05

These colors are the purest colors we offer, not mixed with any other color.

$32.50 - $55.00
Opaque Gray Set
Opaque Gray Set Model#: XI-OPAQUEGSET05

One of the best set for those looking for a lighter and darker gray wash inks.

$32.50 - $100.00
Opaque Blue Set
Opaque Blue Set Model#: XI-OPAQUEBSET05

Great for artist looking for lighter to darker shade of blue.

$32.50 - $100.00
Neutral Set
Neutral Set Model#: XI-NCSET05

The best of the Neutral colors.

$32.50 - $55.00
Neon Color Set
Neon Color Set Model#: XI-NSET05

The Neon Set in the Xtreme Ink lineup. Colors are vibrant and bright (not black light)

$32.50 - $55.00

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