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Nuto Tattoo Pen
Nuto Tattoo Pen Model#: NUTO PEN

For the best user experience with Nuto Cartridges, it is recommended to use the New Nuto Pen. The new Nuto Pen has fixed some issues that existed in our previous Magnetic Pen versions of Enzo, Rogue, and Radical.

$10.00 - $50.00
Hornet Pen
Hornet Pen Model#: HORNET-PEN-BLACK

The Hornet is powerful, lightweight and compact

$7.50 - $39.99

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$50.00 - $500.00
Tat Tech Ergonomic Stool
Tat Tech Ergonomic Stool Model#: TATTECH-STOOL-R

This ergonomic stool is available in 2 colors: red & black.

$20.00 - $149.99
Hawk Motor (10 Year Edition)
Hawk Motor (10 Year Edition) Model#: CH-HAWK-BLACK

The 10 year anniversary of the Special Edition HAWK Motor & Includes the grip as well. Limited quantity

Tat Tech Light Box
Tat Tech Light Box Model#: TATTECH-LIGHT-BOX-A4

As thin as a Apple tablet, but even lighter. This light box is dimmable and super bright. Micro USB connection which can be plugged into anything with USB.

$41.99 - $55.99
Portable Workstation
Portable Workstation Model#: TATTECH-TRAYSTATION2

This workstation is collapsible and portable. Great for shows or in any shop.

$79.99 In Stock
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine Model#: ECLIPSE3-A4

Experience precision and speed with the ECLIPSE Tattoo Stencil Machine Version 3, now lighter and with improved controls. Get yours today!

$5.00 - $1,049.99
Opus Magnum Shader
Opus Magnum Shader Model#: E1205M1B-OP

Evolution® Ultra Premium Opus Magnum needles: the best needles in the industry

$1.00 - $18.00
Massage Table
Massage Table Model#: TA-TABLE

A must have for any tattoo studio. Can hold up to 400lbs

$200.00 List Price:$239.99 You Save: $39.99 (17%) 12 In Stock
Rolling Traystation
Rolling Traystation Model#: TATTECH-TRAYSTATION

Rolling tray station, ideal for having at your shop

$125.00 In Stock

Used during the tattoo procedure, help with pain for you clients.

$69.00 9 In Stock
Bob Tyrrell DVD
Bob Tyrrell DVD Model#: DVD-BOB TYRRELL

Method To My Madness DVD by Bob Tyrrell the Black & Grey Tattoo Master. Special Edition also now available. Only 5 Left

$49.99 In Stock
Unbreakable RCA Cord

Made with high impact fishing line and connection heads are injection molded together.

$15.00 List Price:$20.00 You Save: $5.00 (25%) In Stock
Tat Tech Portable Armrest
Tat Tech Portable Armrest Model#: TATTECH-PORTABLE ARMRES

The latest additional to our portable traveling armrest.

$109.99 19 In Stock
Valhalla Pen (Pink)
Valhalla Pen (Pink) Model#: AXYS-VALHALLA-PINK

One of the only pens in the market where you can easily adjust the swing to 4 different swing lengths: 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3.4mm, 3.8mm, & 4.2mm.

$60.00 - $700.00
LCD Permanent Make up Power Supply
LCD Permanent Make up Power Supply Model#: PM-FSWIT

Lotus premium LCD power supply unit

$3.00 - $20.00
HEATHEN Series Shader
HEATHEN Series Shader Model#: TMVC-H-S

2nd best of our VC Series Collection. Designed & built by awarding winning artist Vincent from Taiwan.

$60.00 List Price:$149.99 You Save: $89.99 (60%) In Stock
Apprentice Tattoo Kit 2
Apprentice Tattoo Kit 2 Model#: Tattoo Kit 2

3 Tattoo Machine Apprentice Tattoo Kit #2 (Machine may vary by availability)

$100.00 - $110.00
SnakeKing RCA System

The 1st retractable RCA cord system.

$30.00 List Price:$40.00 You Save: $10.00 (25%) In Stock
Valhalla Pen (Olive)
Valhalla Pen (Olive) Model#: AXYS-VALHALLA-OLIVE

One of the only pens in the market where you can easily adjust the swing to 4 different swing lengths: 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3.4mm, 3.8mm, & 4.2mm.

$60.00 - $700.00
Stencil Fax Thermal Transfer Machine
Stencil Fax Thermal Transfer Machine Model#: STENCILFAX

The smallest and lightest tattoo Stencil Machine. Watch our Demo Video!!

Tat Tech Armrest Pro
Tat Tech Armrest Pro Model#: ARMREST-3

Tat Tech Professional Armrest and made especially for daily use tattoo artist. Includes a Kit to add your own graphics.

$169.99 In Stock
FOSSIL 10ml Jar

NEW Microblading permanent make up ink by Bliss. Available in 19 colors.

$5.00 List Price:$30.00 You Save: $25.00 (83%) In Stock
Atom X Power Supply
Atom X Power Supply Model#: CT-ATOM-X-BLACK

The digital version of the popular Atom. Compatible with all coil and rotary machines. Jump start enabled for hard starting rotaries. Mountable to any metal surface.

Radical Power Supply
Radical Power Supply Model#: RADICAL-POWER1.0

The first of its kind, a power supply that can be controlled with hand motions. This power supply also has an option for a Bluetooth foot pedal.

$40.00 - $350.00
The Art of the Character Vol 2
The Art of the Character Vol 2 Model#: BOOK-ARTCHARACTER#2

The Art of the Character Vol 2 by Calo. Variety of charcter & light studies.

$29.99 List Price:$50.00 You Save: $20.01 (40%) In Stock
Silicon Suction Ink Cups
Silicon Suction Ink Cups Model#: 12100-SI-MIX

These soft ink cups stick to any smoother surface. Does not damage the needle head if you hit the bottom.

Konect Ink Cups
Konect Ink Cups Model#: 12100-K

These square shape ink cups allows you to connect them together with specialize slide connects on the side of the inks cups.

$2.00 List Price:$5.00 You Save: $3.00 (60%) In Stock
Solidus Powder
Solidus Powder Model#: SOLIDUS

The most powerful solidifying powder to clean up your ink cups and wash cups.

$7.50 In Stock

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