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Biodegradable Bibs
Biodegradable Bibs Model#: BIB-BIODEGRADABLE

These dental bibs are biodegradable and compostable. Safe to use and good for the earth.

Dental Bibs & Pillow Case Cover
Dental Bibs & Pillow Case Cover Model#: BIB-SMALL50

We offer regular dental bib size and larger drape sheets to cover massage tables and larger area. We also offer pillow case covers as well.

$5.00 - $46.90
Sharps Container
Sharps Container Model#: BC-S

Dispose your tattoo & piercing needles safely and properly.

$4.75 - $6.00
Disposable Razors
Disposable Razors Model#: RAZR-10

Mckesson Brand Twin Blade Disposable

$2.00 In Stock
Squeeze Bottles
Squeeze Bottles Model#: SQUEEZEB-S-B

Available in 3 Sizes

$6.00 - $8.00
Spray Bottles
Spray Bottles Model#: SPRAY-S (1 of 2)

New crystal clear bottles

$3.00 - $5.00
Alcohol Model#: APP-MCKESSON

Available in liquid form or individually sealed prep pads.

$2.25 - $4.99
Tongue Depressors
Tongue Depressors Model#: TD-500

Non-Sterile tongue depressor

Stainless Steel Trays
Stainless Steel Trays Model#: SSFTRAY-M

We have 4 different sizes, great to place your prep material on.

$20.00 - $29.99
Stainless Steel Trays with Cover
Stainless Steel Trays with Cover Model#: TRAY&COVER-S

Available in 4 Sizes, and have covers

$12.95 - $29.95

Bibs, Bottles & Sharps

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