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Inkeeze Green Glide
Inkeeze Green Glide Model#: INKEEZE-GREENGLIDE-L

The basic green glide in a 16 oz tub.

$25.00 In Stock
Inkeeze Purple Glide
Inkeeze Purple Glide Model#: INKEEZE-PURPLEGLIDE

The purple glide is now also available.

$25.00 In Stock
Inkeeze Pink Glide
Inkeeze Pink Glide Model#: INKEEZE-PINKGLIDE

Pink Tattoo Ointment is a NON-Petroleum based ointment infused with essential oils.

$25.00 In Stock
Biotat Numbing Glide
Biotat Numbing Glide Model#: BIOTAT-NGLIDE-S

Glides for tattoo available in 2 sizes and 1 size for PMU glide.

$8.99 - $17.25
Biotat Numbing Butter
Biotat Numbing Butter Model#: BIOTAT-NBUTTER-S

The Butter is available in 2 sizes and thicker then the glide. It can also be used for aftercare as well.

$10.50 - $26.25
A&D Jar
A&D Jar Model#: ADFP-JAR

A&D Ointment Jar

$6.50 - $70.00
A&D 144 packets
A&D 144 packets Model#: ADFP-FOIL144-G

A&D Ointment 144pcs packets. Perfect to give to your customers after they get a tattoo.

$19.99 In Stock
Tac Balm Glide & Anesthetic Glide
Tac Balm Glide & Anesthetic Glide Model#: TAC-ANESTHETIC

With a mixture of powerful blend of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, & CBC. This balm provide the best relief possible when used together.

$35.00 - $48.00
Vegan Blue Cream
Vegan Blue Cream Model#: VEGAN-BLUECREAM

Created by Nikko Hurtado and is mainly used as a Glide but can be used as Aftercare.

$20.00 In Stock
Recovery Glide
Recovery Glide Model#: RECOVERY-GLIDE

All purpose tattoo glide by Recovery.

$18.99 In Stock
Recovery CBD Glide
Recovery CBD Glide Model#: RECOVERY-GLIDE-CBD

All purpose tattoo glide with CBD inside to help with pain relief. .

$27.49 In Stock
Bacitracin Zinc Ointment
Bacitracin Zinc Ointment Model#: BZFP-ZINC 4oz EXPIRED 02/20

Bacitracin 144pcs foil 0.9 gram packs or Bacitracin Zinc 1-oz & 4-oz tubes

$4.00 List Price:$11.00 You Save: $7.00 (64%) In Stock

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