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Round Liners
Round Liners Model#: WC1203RL

The Worldwide Tattoo Supply Round Liner Cartridges, renowned for blending traditional craftsmanship with modern features, are engineered for superior performance in contemporary tattooing. These cartridges offer universal compatibility with all tattoo machines and grips, thanks to their standard #12 gauge needles and advanced membrane system that prevents ink spit back, ensuring safety and cleanliness. The precision clear tip design facilitates enhanced ink flow and control, underscored by rigorous quality assurance. These cartridges are sold in boxes of 20.

Round Shaders
Round Shaders Model#: WC1205RS

Worldwide Tattoo Supply's Round Shader Needle Cartridges are designed for precision and safety in tattooing. Equipped with an advanced membrane system to prevent ink spit back, these cartridges are universally compatible with all standard tattoo machines and grips. Constructed from high-quality steel, they offer durability and precise needle movement. The cartridges feature clear tips with double openings for consistent ink flow and control. Available in boxes of 20, they provide reliability for professional use.

Magnum Shaders
Magnum Shaders Model#: WC1205M1

Worldwide Tattoo Supply's Magnum Shader Needle Cartridges are engineered for optimal safety and performance. Featuring a specialized membrane system to prevent ink spit-back, they ensure a clean tattooing process. These cartridges are universally compatible, fitting all standard tattoo machines and grips. Made from premium steel, they provide durability and precise application. The design includes clear tips with dual openings for better visibility and ink flow. Sold in boxes of 20, each cartridge ensures safety and reliability for professional tattoo artists.

Curved Magnum Shaders
Curved Magnum Shaders Model#: WC1205M1T

Worldwide Tattoo Supply's Curved Magnum Shader Cartridges, featuring advanced membrane technology, prevent ink backspatter for a clean tattooing process. Universally compatible and crafted with premium steel, these cartridges offer consistent ink flow, enhanced visibility, and control in a box of 20pcs.


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