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NumQuick Anesthetic
NumQuick Anesthetic Model#: NUM-PINK

We offer 3 types of NumQuick products: Numquick Gel, Numquick Spray & Numquick Pink.

$39.00 - $49.00
Num Fast
Num Fast Model#: NUM-FAST

Topical Anesthetic Tectracaine Green Creme

$39.00 In Stock
DOTC Anesthetic Cream
DOTC Anesthetic Cream Model#: NUM-DOTC

Excellent for eyebrows and a must for lip.

$39.00 In Stock
Ultra Duration
Ultra Duration Model#: NUM-ULTRADURATION

You can't get better pain control for lips. Liquid "Ultra" works fast. Dab over broken skin to control pain and swelling.

$40.00 In Stock

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