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Airbrush Air Hose 1
Airbrush Air Hose 1 Model#: Air Hose 1

Air Hose 1 offers a flexible connection for airbrushing systems, featuring durable 1/8" couplings for seamless integration with most airbrushes and compressors.

$2.00 - $20.00
Airbrush Air Hose 2
Airbrush Air Hose 2 Model#: SP-HOSE2

Air Hose 2 enhances airbrush systems with a 5-foot plastic hose featuring M5-0.5 couplings, ensuring a precise and secure connection for superior airbrushing performance.

$2.00 In Stock
Airbrush Air Hose 3
Airbrush Air Hose 3 Model#: SP-HOSE3

Air Hose 3 offers a 6-foot braided design with dual 1/8" and 1/4" couplings, ensuring a reliable and adaptable connection for airbrushing equipment.

$4.00 In Stock
Airbrush Air Hose 4
Airbrush Air Hose 4 Model#: SP-HOSE4

Air Hose 4 features a 10-foot coiled design with 1/8" couplings, offering extended reach and neat storage for airbrushing setups, emphasizing efficiency and workspace organization.

$4.00 In Stock
Airbrush Air Hose 5
Airbrush Air Hose 5 Model#: SP-HOSE5

Air Hose 5 provides a 10-foot braided air hose with 1/8" couplings, designed for durability and flexibility, ideal for professional airbrushing applications requiring extended reach.

$4.00 In Stock
Airbrush Air Hose 7
Airbrush Air Hose 7 Model#: SP-HOSE7

Air Hose 7 features a 6-foot braided hose with 1/8" couplings, including a quick release coupler for fast and efficient tool changes, which enhances the workflow in professional airbrushing.

$5.00 In Stock

Airbrush Air Hoses

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