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Prophet Wireless Pen
Prophet Wireless Pen Model#: PROPHET-PEN

Enhance your Prophet intelligent wireless pen with UV Sterilization Box.

$649.99 In Stock
Bounty Hunter Wireless Pen
Bounty Hunter Wireless Pen Model#: BH-PEN-SG

The Bounty Hunter is powered by a 9-watt German Faber brushless motor, featuring a 4 mm stroke and adjustable voltage ranging from 5 to 12 volts. Each battery is capable of providing up to eight hours of runtime, ensuring durability and reliability for extended tattooing sessions.

Patronus Wireless Foot Pedal
Patronus Wireless Foot Pedal Model#: AI-PEDAL

This wireless pedal is specifically designed for use with the Bounty Hunter or Prophet wireless pens only.

$89.99 In Stock

AI Tenitas Wireless Pens

Tattoo Pens: