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Case for Tattoo Pen
Case for Tattoo Pen Model#: EMPTYPEN-CASE

The perfect case for your tattoo pen.

$9.99 In Stock
Single Aluminum Machine Case
Single Aluminum Machine Case Model#: GUN CASE SINGLE

Holds only one tattoo machine.

$1.99 In Stock
Single Wood Machine Case
Single Wood Machine Case Model#: GUNCASE-WOOD

Holds only one tattoo machine.

$5.00 List Price:$8.00 You Save: $3.00 (38%) In Stock
2 Machine Wooden Case
2 Machine Wooden Case Model#: WOOD-CASE2MACHINE

Holds 2 machines

$10.00 List Price:$15.00 You Save: $5.00 (33%) In Stock
Small Machine Case
Small Machine Case Model#: TM-CASE6

Hold 4 machines comfortably and 6 machines tightly.

$15.00 In Stock
Large Machine Case
Large Machine Case Model#: TA-CASE-BIG

Hold 9 machines comfortably and 12 machines tightly.

$25.00 In Stock

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