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Premium Tight Liners
Premium Tight Liners Model#: R1205RLB-TIGHT 5 pcs

Radical is well known for there quality Cartridges, but Now they also make Tight Liners Needles on Loop Bar.

$2.00 - $16.00
Premium Bugpin #10 Tight Liners
Premium Bugpin #10 Tight Liners Model#: R1003RLB-TIGHT 5pcs

Radical® Tight Round Liners deliver precision and reliability for intricate tattooing. Made from superior steel and EO Gas sterilized, they uphold strict hygiene standards. Each needle undergoes thorough quality checks, ensuring consistent excellence. Available in #10 Bugpin gauge, these needles are essential for artists focused on detail and quality.

$1.75 - $16.00

Radical Premium Liners

Tattoo Needles: