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Round Tip Disposable Tubes
Round Tip Disposable Tubes Model#: RT3

Standard Round Tip Plastic Handle Disposable Tubes feature a round tip ideal for precision work in various tattooing applications. They are available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1" grip sizes to suit diverse artist preferences. The durable plastic grip ensures comfort and stability during use.

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Flat Tip Disposable Tubes
Flat Tip Disposable Tubes Model#: FT4

Flat Tip Disposable Tubes features tubes with a durable plastic grip for maximum comfort and control. Available in 1/2", 3/4", & 1" inch grips to suit various preferences, these tubes ensure precision in shading and coloring.

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Diamond Tip Disposable Tubes
Diamond Tip Disposable Tubes Model#: VT3

The Diamond Tip Plastic Handle Disposable Tubes with its diamond tip design is specifically engineered for intricate detailing and shading work. Available in three grip sizes—1/2", 3/4", & 1" inch grip handles—these tubes cater to a wide range of artist preferences and hand sizes. The plastic grip handle is designed for comfort, reducing fatigue during long tattoo sessions.

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Plastic Disposable Tubes

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