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Cheyenne Grip
Cheyenne Grip Model#: CH-SOL-GRIP-M

The Cheyenne Grip, now in a matte finish, offers unprecedented customization and ergonomic comfort for tattoo artists. Available in 3/4", 1", and 1.25" sizes, it accommodates all preferences, ensuring an optimal fit. The SOL GRIPS, tailored for the Cheyenne Sol Luna and Sol Terra, feature a unique clickable adjustment for precise needle swing. Compatible with Cheyenne Thunder and Spirit, these grips exemplify adaptability. SOL GRIPS come in a sleek color matching the Sol series, while the Cheyenne Grip offers a variety of colors, allowing artists to customize their setup by size and aesthetic preference.

Machine Grip Adapter
Machine Grip Adapter Model#: CARTRIDGEGRIP-ADAPTER

The Machine Grip Adapter enables tattoo artists to use straight grips without twist lock mechanisms on a wide array of machines, including Cheyenne, Stealth, Radical, FK Irons, Injecta, and T2 models. This adapter broadens the utility of tattoo equipment, allowing for the use of both standard and disposable grips, thereby offering greater flexibility and customization. Its universal design supports a diverse range of machines and is compatible with metal and plastic tubes, making it an essential addition for artists seeking to personalize their toolset.

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Cheyenne Grips

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